Finance Inspectorates are being renovated


Author: Christiane Jordão

Source: Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro, 07/05/2008

The Fazenda facilities are being renovated in order to improve the working environment and the quality of service to taxpayers. Several provinces, fiscal barriers and even the facilities at Rua da Alfândega start to have a new look.

In order to revitalize the facilities, the General Department of Farm Administration (DGAF) carried out a needs assessment and then started works that included everything from minor repairs to the total renovation of departments. Much of the service was performed by internal staff, helping to reduce costs.

Among the reforms already completed are those of the Irajá, Petrópolis, Araruama, Botafogo, and Campos dos Goytacazes Province. The building where the Specialized Inspection Inspectorates (IFEs) are located, at Rua Visconde do Rio Branco 55, is also being gradually restored. Nhangapi Interstate Checkpoint, located at km 324 of the Presidente Dutra Highway, in Itatiaia, also received new service booths and accommodation, an administrative building with two floors and a warehouse for goods, exemplifies the director of DGAF, Manon Correa Guedes. The investment of R $ 6 million was made in partnership with the private sector, through the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (Etco). The reform of the fiscal barrier will make the inspection of the goods transported by the site more efficient, where approximately 1,2 million trucks pass per year.

The reform of the barrier will make the inspection of the goods transported by the place where approximately 1,2 million trucks pass per year more efficient.- In addition to a new internal painting, electrical and hydraulic overhauls, general floor replacement and renovation of the pantries and bathrooms, reports Manon. In the Campo Grande Province, we did a general painting of the first and second floors, removed infiltrations, touched the lighting, adds Maurício Noya, Director of the Operational Support Department. In the Customs 42 building, the renovations started on the 4th floor, occupied by DGAF. In it, the services performed were basically the system of service islands replacing the high partitions, effectively providing the integration of the teams, better lighting and greater performance of the air conditioning equipment. The 5th and 6th floors of the same building, where the Accounting Office is located and the Audit, also went through modifications. A general renovation was carried out, with layout changes, adopting the island system. The floor will still be replaced. The Accounting Department, which occupied the 7th floor, moved to the 5th. The Audit, which occupied the 5th and 6th floors, went to the 6th floor. With the release of the 7th floor, a study was started to bring the Information Technology Advisory to this location, which today occupies a rented property in Praça Pio X.

The 2nd floor, where the Secretariat for Finance and the Secretariat for Fiscal Policy is located, also joined the service islands system and received a general change of floor and some glass; in addition to painting the walls.