Lula creates group to study siege on piracy


Source: Diário de S. Paulo, March 25, 2004

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva promised yesterday to the president of the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics, Emerson Kapaz, that he will create a working group to study how the Government can launch a national program to combat tax evasion, piracy and counterfeiting.

According to Kapaz, the Government loses R $ 160 billion a year due to smuggling and counterfeiting.

Lula promised to create a working group involving the ministries of Finance, Civil House, Justice and Mines and Energy to study the topic and listen to the group's proposals. For Kapaz, greater integration of government agencies is needed to combat piracy.

He cited the performance of the Economic Law Secretariat, which fights predatory competition, but which fails to act in cases of tax evasion due to the lack of data from the Federal Revenue Service.