Drug banned in Brazil is smuggled from Argentina


Author: Everaldo Jacques

Source: Central Sul de Jornais - 15/09/2010

Libres: abortion drugs are sold for R $ 12

URUGUAYAN - The commercialization of the drug Cytotec, used as an abortion, has been banned in Brazil for 10 years, but in Argentina, the sale is allowed. Just cross the international bridge that links Uruguaiana to Paso de Los Libres to buy the compound at any pharmacy. In the city of Rio Grande do Sul, each pill costs R $ 40 on the black market. According to the Federal Highway Police, since January 2010, 283.882 contraband drugs have been seized. The holder of the 1st Police Station of Uruguaiana, delegate Jader Duarte, said that an investigation was launched to investigate the contraband of abortifacient drugs between Argentina and Brazil.
Cytotec is known in Argentina as Oxaprost, one of the trade names for misoprostol, a substance that serves to induce labor in pregnant women who have difficulties in dilating and expelling fetuses trapped in the uterus after natural abortions. Only one pill can cause abortion and, depending on the case, lead to the death of those who take the medicine. In Buenos Aires pharmacies, the medicine is sold in installments. A unit costs, on average, 25 pesos, equivalent to R $ 12. The Radio Guaíba report acquired the product and, during the sale, the clerk recommended that more abortions be purchased because, according to her, just one would not be enough.
Anvisa informs that commercializing and distributing medicines in Brazil that are not registered with the agency is a crime provided for in the Penal Code and can lead to 15 years in prison. In Brazil, abortion (except in the case of rape or danger to the mother) is also a crime and can result in punishment for both those who practice and those who help.

Source: Luciano Nagel / Rádio Guaíba / Es