Operation Sangria: Six people arrested for fuel adulteration


Source: O Norte - PB - 08/10/2009

A joint operation between the intelligence service of the Federal Highway Police (PRF) and the Special Operations Group of the Civil Police (Goe) arrested, yesterday morning, in the municipalities of Santa Rita and Ingá, six accused of stealing, tampering and illegally selling fuel . The action is part of the second stage of the Sangria operation. The group seized contraband cigarettes, psychotropic medications, ammunition of various calibers - including a rifle - five firearms, including a 45-caliber pistol for use by the armed forces, cell phones and 4.200 liters of fuel that were stored in plastic vats.

In addition to the adulterated product, police seized weapons and ammunition. Photo: Fabyana Mota / ON / DA Press Walber Virgulino, a Goe delegate, said that three months ago the investigations were being carried out by the Civil Police to arrest bank robbers in the Ingá region. From complaints received by the PRF about the illegal arms trade, it was possible to reach criminals. “We joined our investigations with the complaints from the PRF and triggered Operation Sangria II. It is necessary to highlight the performance of Judge Francilene Lemos, from the district of Ingá, who issued search and seizure warrants at the addresses of the accused, ”he said. Chief Walber explained that through friendships between the defendants and the drivers of cargo vehicles, the fuel was dumped in the vats and sold to other truck drivers.

The incidents were carried out at three stations in the municipalities of Ingá and one in Santa Rita. The criminals are local merchants. One of those arrested by the Civil Police was Júlio Gomes, 43, married and with three children. He denied being part of the scheme. "I support my family with money from agriculture and with a bar that completes the income," he said. Asked about the fuel and weapons found in his possession by the Civil Police, Júlio said that he will explain only justice. Another detainee at the PRF headquarters was a 35-year-old man, known as “Gogue”. Guided by the lawyer not to talk about the case, he just revealed he is being wronged.

In August, the PRF and the Public Ministry completed the first stage of Operation Sangria, which was the result of intense investigations. 12 people were arrested, including tanker drivers accused of stealing fuel and tampering with it. At the time, search and seizure warrants were also carried out in the metropolitan region of João Pessoa and in the municipalities of Mamanguape, Santa Rita, Alhandra, Gurinhem and Ingá. In total, the Highway Police recovered 25 liters of fuel.

Assault on BB

Bandits had access to Banco do Brasil in the city of Conceição, in the interior of Paraíba and stole R $ 100 from two ATMs, probably between Tuesday night and yesterday morning. The theft of cash from cashiers was only noticed when, at around 10am, customers complained that they were unable to withdraw. Experts found that the cashiers were damaged and through electronic modifications to the machines the bandits managed to get the cashiers to release all the money.

According to police officers from the 6th Battalion, R $ 50 was stolen from each of the cashiers. The police are investigating its similarity to the attack on the BB agency that took place in Piancó on September 13.