The Untouchables


Source: Veja Magazine - Letters, 27/10/2004

The cover story “Os untouchables” deserves a journalistic award. The Federal Police, by “exposing their wounds”, gives us an edifying example of how it is possible to reverse a situation of generalized pessimism around the institutions and recover our self-esteem, which is so lacking today.

I enthusiastically endorse the reporters' observation when they state that “The success of the practice does not only bring moral gains: it produces concrete benefits for Brazil, which would be even greater if other institutions also undertook a self-cleaning process”. May other institutions follow the example of the Federal Police. If that happens, who knows the deadline of two decades? how do you rate the story? for the reestablishment of the ethics of customs is reduced to the minimum possible.

Emerson Capaz
President of the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics - ETCO