PF makes seizure of contraband


Source: Diário MS - MS - CAPA - 12/10/2009

Federal police officers in Naviraí seized on Wednesday night, the 07th, three carts loaded with smuggled cigarettes from Paraguay. The police team was conducting due diligence in the vicinity of the city when they decided to approach a trailer coupled to a container type trailer. Upon noticing the police presence, the cart driver abruptly braked the vehicle, fleeing into a thicket near the highway.

Continuing the work, other carts were approached, and cigarettes were found in 2 more: one of the refrigerator type and another of the bulk type. The driver of the grain cart managed to escape, while the refrigerator's driver, JP N, residing in the municipality of Eldorado / MS, was arrested. The cigarette load, which will still be counted, was estimated at 2.500 boxes. Each box of cigarettes contains 500 packs. Thus, it is estimated that the seizure will total 1 million two hundred and fifty thousand packs. If the retail sale price is considered, this amount corresponds to a value that exceeds the figure of R $ 2 million.