President Lula sanctions law that unifies documents


Source: Folha Online - SP - BRAZIL - 15/10/2009

The identity card, passport, CPF and driver's license are some of the documents that will have the same registration number. Law 12.058, which authorizes the single civil registry, was sanctioned by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

With the unification, the citizen will have the unique civil identity registration number, valid for native and naturalized Brazilians. According to the law, the implementation of the single registry should begin within a year. The Executive Branch will have 180 days to regulate.

The Union may sign agreements with the States and the Federal District to implement the unique number and exchange the old identification documents.

According to Senator Almeida Lima (PMDB-SE), rapporteur of the project at the CCJ (Commission for Constitution, Justice and Citizenship), the use of the same identity number in all documents will make fraud more difficult and can improve the civil identification system . One of the objectives of the measure is to cut red tape.

The law resulted from the conversion of Provisional Measure 462, which deals with the transfer of resources to the FPM (Municipal Participation Fund).

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