Project establishes sanctions against irregular fuel


Source: O Fluminense - Niterói / RJ - 13/10/2010

The Chamber analyzes the Bill 7227/10, by deputy Edmar Moreira (PR-MG), which establishes sanctions for the acquisition, storage, distribution and resale of petroleum-derived fuels unfit for consumption. According to the text, trade in products that do not meet the specifications of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) may be punished with a fine, seizure of goods, partial or total interdiction of the establishment.

According to Edmar Moreira, "adulteration of fuels tends to increase the emission of pollutants, is a probable source of damage to health, in addition to causing damage to the engine and other components of the vehicle, generating loss of power and increased consumption".

For the proposal, it will be up to the Procons to apply the punishments, based on a report that proves the irregularities, issued by the ANP or by entities accredited by it or associated with it.

The project also establishes that, after collecting fuel samples, if preliminary tests show signs of inadequacy to the specifications of the regulatory agency, tax agents will be authorized to seize the fuel and seal the tank or pump. Once the inadequacy is proven, Procon must notify the infringer, who will have five days to present his defense.