Proposal obliges ANP to disclose fined posts


Author: Rodolfo Torres

Source: Congresso em Foco - DF - 13/10/2009

The Chamber will analyze a bill that requires the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) to release reports with the names of the gas stations inspected by the agency. According to the proposal, the ANP will have to publicly inform which stations were assessed and banned for having committed some type of irregularity, such as adulteration of fuels.

The bill was approved last Thursday (8) by the Senate Infrastructure Commission, on a terminative basis (without the need to go to plenary). The proposal also determines the disclosure of posts that have not been subject to inspection for more than a year.

The reports to be released by the regulatory agency must be monthly and annual and bring local and national statistical data on the number of posts inspected, interdicted, assessed and without supervision.

The author of the proposal, Senator Alvaro Dias (PSDB-PR), explains that the commercialization of fuels has been the subject of successive complaints, motivating, even, the installation of parliamentary commissions of inquiry in some Brazilian states. “We had CPI dos Combustíveis at ParanT, recalls the congressman.

The toucan points out that the purpose of the project is to increase transparency so that consumers can decide where to buy fuel for their vehicle. "The higher level of transparency brought about by the new measures will certainly contribute to the fight against corruption and the inefficiency of the inspection system, which will translate into an improvement in the quality of fuels for the entire population", justifies the Paraná representative in his proposal.