State Revenue fines more than R $ 624 million until September


Source: State Government of Rio Grande do Sul - RS - 11/10/2009

The State Revenue exceeded by more than R $ 32 million its expectation of tax assessments in the first nine months of this year, according to the final accounting of the data of the Secretariat of Finance. There were 57.039 tax assessments, totaling R $ 624,4 million. Approximately 86% of the total amount assessed was the result of tax audits carried out by the State Revenue Service at the companies. There were R $ 539 million related to 4.461 assessments.

The work plans of the 14 sector groups that accompany the main economic segments of the State totaled R $ 130 million in assessments. And inspection operations in retail trade reached R $ 47,5 million. The Finance Secretary, Ricardo Englert, highlights the widespread use of electronic invoices and the expansion of tax substitution as the new fundamental tools to minimize the effects of tax evasion.

“By the end of next year, the Electronic Invoice will be used by almost all economic segments. And, here in the State, in 2009, we are including 12 new sectors in the Tax Substitution between the months of September and November. This ensures greater revenue for the State with an even more effective fight against tax evasion and also more tax justice among taxpayers. ”

According to the director of the State Revenue Service, Júlio César Grazziotin, in the inspection work carried out by the Rio Grande do Sul tax authorities, the assessments that favor fiscal intelligence predominate, with the use of information technology and data crossing to detect fraud and other tax crimes, in addition to actions that increase visibility, such as those carried out in the transit of goods and in IPVA blitzes.

Grazziotin points out that “assessments are not the main objective of the tax authorities, which seeks to work preventively, making taxpayers voluntarily fulfill their obligations. However, the amount of evidence and inconsistencies indicate that the assessments should continue ”.

Transit of goods
In the inspection actions in the transit of goods, there were 15.619 assessments from January to September, resulting in R $ 50 million. Inspection in the transit of goods is carried out by the flying groups (which carry out the mobile inspection) and in the 21 tax posts located on the border with Santa Catarina, at strategic points for the exit and entry of goods in the State.

IPVA, ITCD and fees
In relation to the IPVA, the number of assessments was 28.327, resulting in R $ 13 million. In this total, there are 22.740 vehicle notices produced between 2004 and 2007 that were in default with the payment of IPVA 2008 and the launching records resulting from traffic inspection operations, which have been intensified since July, when the payment schedule ended. per plate for IPVA 2009.

Regarding the Transmission Tax, Cause of Death and Donation (ITCD) and fees, there were 553 assessments that generated R $ 3,6 million in credits between tax, interest and fine.