Teclógica develops solution for implantation of Electronic Invoice


Source: Folha Blumenauense, 12/11/2007

Teclógica, a member of the Blumenau software hub and specialized in information technology services, anticipated trends and is one of the first companies in the country to offer solutions for the transition from current printed to electronic banknotes. One of the biggest obstacles observed in companies that have already started the transition to the new system is regarding the recreation of layouts of the old reports, printed on dot matrix printers. Seeking to solve the problem, Teclógica developed a system capable of reading the old notes and automatically converting them to the layout of laser printers. The solution has already been successfully tested on industrial customers.

Luiz Carlos Mesquita Scheid, CEO of the company, explains that he avoids the rework of creating reports. "This process significantly reduces costs and the time used to convert," he says. “The system is completely secure. The electronic invoice is legally valid through the sender's digital signature. There are no chances of counterfeiting ”, he adds. Among the other advantages of the new system, Scheid highlights paper savings, a factor capable of combining cost reduction with nature preservation.

Also among the advantages of implementing electronic invoices are the reduction of physical file cost, reduction of pouch costs, reduction of typing effort in the receiving cell, pre-adaptation to attend SPed - Public Digital Bookkeeping System -, possibility of B2B (business to business) with supplier network and replacement of printers.

The project came about with the objective of replacing printed invoices with electronic invoices, with legal validity guaranteed by the sender's digital signature. The electronic invoice is generated, issued and stored electronically, in order to document an operation of circulation of goods or provision of services.
If there is no circulation of goods, no paper document is required, all information is processed electronically. For cases where goods are circulating, the electronic invoice auxiliary document (Danfe) was created - a simplified graphic representation of the electronic invoice printed on plain paper.

With thirteen years of foundation, Teclógica is a company specialized in services in the area of ​​information technology, focused on consulting solutions, systems development and support, based on the One to One concept. Among its clients are large multinational industries.