Changes in Simples Nacional can be voted on until the end of the year, says Renan Calheiros

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The president of the Senate, Renan Calheiros, assured this Tuesday afternoon (8) to a group of representatives of micro and small companies that he will talk to party leaders to vote, this year, on the House Bill (PLC) 125/2015. The proposal, which changes the rules of Simples Nacional to benefit this sector of the economy, was approved in the morning by the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE). The collegiate also approved an urgent request for the Plenary exam.

According to the text, the limit of annual gross revenue for the project to qualify as a microenterprise (ME) rises from the current R $ 360 thousand to R $ 900 thousand. To be considered a small business (EPP) the ceiling rises from R $ 3,6 million to R $ 14,4 million and to be an individual microentrepreneur (MEI), the limit goes from R $ 60 thousand to R $ 90 thousand. Anyone with a gross income of up to R $ 90 thousand can join the Simples do Empreendedor da Rural.

If approved with the changes made in the Senate, the bill goes back to the Chamber of Deputies. At the meeting with President Renan, the proposal rapporteur, Senator Marta Suplicy (PMDB-SP) and the government leader in Congress, Senator José Pimentel (PT-CE), explained the changes. According to him, most of the rules will only apply as of January 1, 2017, but the term of the so-called Refis do Simples, which will allow micro and small businessmen to pay tax debts in up to 120 months, may come into force in 2016.

Marta Suplicy explained that ICMS (state) and ISS (municipal) may be paid outside the Simples Nacional guide, in the part of the annual gross revenue that exceeds R $ 3,6 million.

- With the current economic scenario, there will be formal layoffs, there is no point in covering the sun with a sieve. Our role is to help those who, when they lose their jobs, want to become micro-entrepreneurs - argued the senator.

The Senate president has promised that he will discuss the matter with party leaders.

- I will talk to the leaders and we will do everything possible to vote the text in Plenary as soon as possible - said Renan Calheiros to representatives of various sectors, such as microbreweries, wineries and distilleries that, with the approval of the proposal, can join the Simples National.

The president of Sebrae, Afif Domingos, participated in the meeting and noted that after the approval of this project, the next challenge will be to make citizens aware that, when paying taxes, they acquire rights.

- Paid, so I demand. This must be the motto of the good citizen - said Renan Calheiros.

From the Press Office of the Senate Presidency

Source: Agência Senado (8/12)