Siege on the sale of stolen goods


The government of São Paulo enacted Law 15.315 / 14 in January, which revokes state registration of an establishment that acquires, sells, transports or stores theft or theft product. The penalty is valid even when reception is not proven and is effective even in cases where there is only resale and exposure of irregular products.

Company partners are also prohibited from exercising the activity of the establishment punished for five years. During this period, they cannot apply for a new company, even at another address. In addition, they must pay a fine in the amount of twice the value of products of criminal origin.

The rule also provides for disclosure of companies punished in the Official Gazette of the State of São Paulo and the loss of tax credit. It also determines that the fines collected should be fully invested in combating theft and theft of cargo, as well as in the sale of counterfeit and misplaced products. Law 15.315 / 14 is still awaiting regulation.