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Valor Online - 15/08/2012

Corruption fights with prevention and punishment, says OECD director

'Irresponsible denunciation' will not prevent corruption, says Ellen Gracie

For Brid, access to information is key to reducing corruption

Against corruption, procedural legislation must change, says Jorge Hage


Valor Econômico - Special Section - Fighting Corruption - 17/08/2012


Risk control

To turn wealth into benefit for the entire population, Brazil needs to reduce corruption rates


Increase in complaints is the result of greater transparency

Brazil needs legislation that effectively punishes legal entities for the practice of corruption


Corrupt companies are free from punishment 

An anti-corruption bill is slowly passing through the National Congress


For jurist Walter Maierovitch, the penal code prevents organized crime from being punished in an exemplary manner


Teacher recommends single standard for accountability 

Expert says small adjustments can have big effects, for example, in courts of accounts


For scholars, the good example should start from the top floor

Scholars heard by Valor reject the stereotype that corruption is in the DNA of Brazilians


Revenue Increases Enclosure to Major Offenders

In 2011, R $ 109,3 billion were evaded


Deviations make use of loopholes in the legal framework

Global Financial Integrity shows that up to $ 40 billion is diverted in developing countries annually


Public campaign funding divides opinions

Country is in urgent need of making the electoral process more transparent

For the first time, a candidate must have a “clean sheet”


Country loses up to 2,3% of GDP per year

World index gives Brazil 3,8 points, below the 2011 global average of 4,05


Foundation launches certification to prevent fraud

Process aims to help companies manage corruption risks