Abes announces mobile application against software piracy


Available on Android, IOS and Windows Phone platforms, the app is free and was developed to facilitate the sending of anonymous reports about software piracy

The Brazilian Association of Software Companies (Abes) and BSA - The Software Alliance launched the “Denounce Piracy” application to receive anonymous reports about corporate software piracy. The download is free and compatible with Android, IOS and Windows Phone platforms.

"The app was created to facilitate the registration of these complaints already made through the website www.denunciepirataria.org.br, which in 2013 registered 31 thousand complaints involving commercialization, acquisition or use of illegal programs", says Jorge Sukarie, president of Abes .

In Brazil, the current software piracy rate is considered alarming. For every ten programs acquired or downloaded over the internet in national territory, more than five are obtained illegally. According to a BSA study, if the piracy rate decreases 10 percentage points (from the current 53% to 43%), R $ 6,4 billion would be added to the local economy, 13 new jobs would be created and the industry's revenue would increase by more of R $ 4,8 billion.

“Disrespect for intellectual property weakens economic growth and the development of jobs and new technologies. In addition, companies that use illegal software operate with an unfair advantage over the competition. We hope that, with the help of the application, the number of complaints against software piracy will triple in the coming months, due to the mobility and simplicity of the app ”, evaluates Sukarie.

Links to download the application:

• https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.org.denunciepirataria
• https://itunes.apple.com/pt/app/denounce-pirataria/id746224884?mt=8
• http://www.windowsphone.com/pt-br/store/app/denuncie-pirataria/f414842a-3016-46d5-a1c7-86b34a68ef1a