Expansion of Supersimples becomes law


(Diário de Pernambuco - 29/10)

Simple national

"Tax reform has already started with Supersimples", says Minister Afif Domingos.

The chief minister of the Secretariat of Micro and Small Business, Guilherme Afif Domingos, said in an interview that the new term of re-elected president Dilma Rousseff (PT) already begins with the tax reform in progress, with the new Supersimples Law, approved this year by the National Congress and which comes into force as of January 1. "This is the big tax reform, we started with Supersimples", highlighted the minister.

The complementary law that universalizes Supersimples was signed on August 7 of this year by President Dilma Rousseff, establishing a differentiated taxation system for micro and small companies that unifies eight taxes collected by the federal, state and municipal governments in a single bill and reduces, on average, the tax burden by 40%. In addition, it provides for speeding up the processes of opening and closing companies. According to data from the World Bank, this process in the country could last more than one hundred days and with the new law, everything will be done in just one counter and within the maximum period of five days.

The criterion for adhering to the new system will be annual sales, with a ceiling of R $ 7,2 million for companies that export and R $ 3,6 million for those that operate in the national market. The change is expected to benefit 142 categories and about 450 thousand developments.

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