How to avoid corporate corruption

10/04/2015, a non-governmental organization that encourages responsible companies and operates in Brazil, China, Mexico, Taiwan, India, Japan, USA and European countries, held a webinar (online seminar ) on March 13 on how to apply corporate integrity programs.

In the webinar,'s chief operating officer (COO), Craig Moss, and Vice President, Leslie Benton, showed that more than $ 1 trillion is used worldwide in tuition fees, which represents $ 1 in each $ 30 of world GDP.

They warned of the risks that corruption poses to companies, both in terms of business and in relation to reputation, which can be compromised for a long time. To face these risks, one must look inside and also at partners and suppliers.

A proactive approach, they said, can prevent corruption and reduce risk. Guidelines on practices for building an effective anti-corruption management system can be found in the White Paper on the topic, including in Portuguese:

Watch the webinar recording
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