ETCO holds first stage of the 10 + 10 Debate Cycle


Greater access to information contributes to advances in improving the business environment in Brazil. Theme was the highlight of the event held on June 6, in Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the morning, the advances already made and the paths that still need to be followed in the direction of the best practices of competitive ethics were discussed.

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The free access of society to information that is under the custody of the public authorities, whether in the fiscal, legal or any other sphere, is essential to guarantee a more stable and equitable business environment and to facilitate a better understanding between government, companies and society in general. This was one of the main conclusions of the first stage of the 10 + 10 Debate Cycle - Retrospective of competitive ethics in Brazil and perspectives for the next decade, carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics (ETCO) in the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan).

For ETCO's Executive Chairman, Roberto Abdenur, the event proved to be of great use in revealing important progress achieved in the last decade to improve the business environment in Brazil. For him, “the discussions also provided ETCO, the private sector and government authorities with a better perception of what still needs to be done in terms of more transparency in the relationship between authorities and society, in order to reinforce the concept of fiscal citizenship in Brazil ”.

The opening of the event was the responsibility of the Vice-President of Firjan, Carlos Mariani Bittencourt, who guaranteed the commitment of the Rio de Janeiro industry in the fight for competitive ethics. "Sustainability is also doing business based on ethics," said Bittencourt.

The Director of Instituto Análise, Alberto Carlos Almeida, highlighted the important relationship between the increase in the population's schooling and the growth of intolerance towards corruption. According to Almeida, "society has started to be stricter in relation to corruption, and schooling is forcing everyone to break the rules less".

The Coordinator of the Specialization Course in Tax Law of the Getulio Vargas Foundation, professor Eurico Marcos Diniz De Santi, said that he considered it necessary that the authorities, particularly in the tax field, provide citizens and companies with better knowledge and understanding of the acts practiced in the application of the laws. He further stated that "societies that encourage secrecy favor the proliferation of privileges and corruption".

The Secretary of Finance of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Renato Villela, added that the provision of information between the government and society is fundamental for a truly democratic State, and recalled “the advances made in this field by Rio de Janeiro in the past years, within the State's commitment to guarantee a healthy business environment ”.

The Regional Prosecutor of the Republic, Marcelo Moscogliato, pointed out the relevance for the economy of greater speed in the judicial processes, and indicated the need for a closer relationship between Law and the Economy. "Law courses in Brazil should provide better knowledge of the practical reality of business in multiple fields, so that lawyers develop greater knowledge and sensitivity to the realities of economic life," said Moscogliato.

The next stage of the 10 + 10 Debate Cycle will take place on August 21, at the headquarters of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), in Brasília. In São Paulo, the event will take place on October 16, at the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp).


Debate Cycle 10 + 10
The view of the participants

The Debate Cycle, like ETCO, plays a fundamental role in defining a positive agenda for the economy. The question of competition is among the main items of the so-called Brazil cost, and ETCO has the function of discussing this issue in a broad way, without prejudice. ”

Renato Villela, Secretary of Finance of the State of Rio de Janeiro


ETCO represents individuals and companies coming together to act, and the debate should not be just in the Debate Cycle. The event should help publicize ETCO's objective, which is to combat unfair competition. ETCO was born ahead of its time and continues to show innovation. ”

Alberto Carlos Almeida, Director of Instituto Análise


In addition to taking stock of everything that has been done, the event shows an always honest and direct cooperation from ETCO on several fronts. But there is also more to do, such as combating private corruption. ”

Marcelo Moscogliato, Regional Attorney of the Republic at the Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region


The law applies to everyone and must be applied equally to everyone. Ethics is to act according to the law. The debate also showed the need for tax reform: people cannot understand what they have to do to act correctly under the law. ”

Eurico De Santi, Professor of Tax Law at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV)