Inspection seizes more than 1.500 products sold without a note in downtown Brasilia


The Order Shock Operation, conducted by 14 inspection agencies of the Federal District, collected, on Thursday (3), in downtown Brasília (DF), 1.534 unreported products, among them 1.202 counterfeits. One person was arrested. Representatives of Seops (Secretariat of Public and Social Order (Seops) and Agefis (Inspection Agency) made the apprehension between Conic and Rodoviária do Plano Piloto. PMDF (Military Police of the Federal District) participated in the action to ensure security the location.

According to the operation, the arrested salesman offered at least 56 t-shirts and shorts from the Brazilian team and uniforms with the image of the World Cup mascot doll, which is considered a crime of trademark violation. Each T-shirt was for sale for R $ 35 in an improvised way on the floor of the terminal's lower platform. In conventional stores, the original costs, on average, R $ 230.

The peddler, driven to the 5th DP (Police Station), gave testimony, signed a detailed term and was released. The penalty for those selling pirated products is one to three months in prison or a fine.

The actions at Rodoviária are, above all, aimed at the occupation of public spaces by agents in order to avoid the arrival of street vendors at the terminal. However, some insist on trade and ended up at a loss, said Seops undersecretary of operations, Luciano Teixeira.

1.132 CDs and DVDs were also apprehended in front of Conic and 14 cell phones on the lower platform of the bus station. The sellers fled. Among the other goods collected in the action were fruits, cans of soft drinks and beers, a bottle of mineral water, sweets and snacks.

The materials followed the deposit of Agefis and may be recovered by the owners by paying a fine and presenting an invoice, except the counterfeits, which will be destroyed.

Work group

The Order Shock is part of the schedule of actions developed at Rodoviária since August last year, when the Integrated Management Committee was created. The group of 14 organs of the GDF (Government of the Federal District) is coordinated by the Casa Civil.

The activities are planned with the objective of maintaining public order, safety, quality in public facilities and assistance to people in situations of vulnerability. Seops and Agefis are responsible for monitoring to prevent piracy and illegal trade.

According to the legislation that regulates the economic activities of the Federal District, the sale of goods in a public area that was not authorized by the State is considered irregular. Marketers and other shopkeepers can obtain an authorization from the Regional Administration of the city where they intend to sell products.

For street vendors, the option is to request an eventual license from the City Coordination. Just take the RG and CPF and register on the list of interested parties to work on shows and events with defined days and times.

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