Government plans to take 400 people out of informality this year


The tightening in public accounts forecast for this year, due to the zero growth of the economy in 2014 and the crisis that the country faces as a result, has caused the federal government to take several steps to try to recover the cash. Among the sectors that have been the target of actions and measures for this purpose is labor.

When the lights went out in 2014, the government edited and published provisional measures 664 and 665, which tighten the rules for access to unemployment insurance, salary bonus, death pension and sickness benefit. This provoked the reaction of the union centrals that negotiate with the government to date the flexibility of the measures, resorting to all possible instances to prevent the rules from being effectively implemented.

Continuing the measures in the labor area, aiming at the recovery of resources, this week, another government action was announced. The fight against informality in Brazil and the inspection of the Guarantee Fund for Length of Service (FGTS) was launched by the Minister of Labor and Employment, Manoel Dias, on Wednesday (11), with the objective of removing workers from informality and the while fattening public coffers.

Source: Gazeta Digital (13/02)

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