New advisory advisers arrive at ETCO


Minister Ellen Gracie Northfleet, Minister Nelson Jobim, Dean João Grandino Rodas and Leonardo Gadotti Filho, former chairman of the ETCO Board of Directors, are the new advisory councilors.

Since the creation of ETCO, the ETCO Advisory Council has met every six months to discuss issues related to competitive ethics in Brazil. As of that year, the council, made up of important personalities from the economic, political and academic scene, will count on the precious contribution of the four new directors.

“It is a great honor for ETCO to have the participation of people of such importance to the country, people who make a difference in society and who enrich, with their knowledge, the discussion on competitive ethics”, says the executive president of the ETCO, Roberto Abdenur.

The first participation of the new councilors will be this Thursday, December 5, in the semiannual meeting of the Institute's Advisory Council. With them, the Advisory Council of ETCO now has 13 members:

  • André Franco Montoro Filho
  • Aristides Junqueira Alvarenga
  • Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal
  • Celso lafer
  • Ellen Gracie Northfleet
  • Everardo de Almeida Maciel
  • Gonzalo Vecina Neto
  • Hamilton Dias de Souza
  • João Grandino Rodas
  • Joao Roberto Marinho
  • José Luiz Alquéres
  • Jorge Raimundo Filho
  • Leonardo Gadotti Filho
  • Luiz Fernando Furlan
  • Maria Teresa Aina Sadek
  • Nelson Jobim
  • Roberto Faldini
  • Tercio Sampaio Ferraz Junior