Award for journalists marks 10 years of ETCO


Objective is to recognize professionals who stimulate society's awareness of the topics addressed by the Institute

As part of the celebration of its 10 years of activity in the defense of competitive ethics in the Country, the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition - ETCO presents the 2013 ETCO Journalism Award. The objective is to recognize journalistic works produced in the Brazilian press in which contributions can be identified improving ethics among competing companies, or pointing out situations in which fraudulent practices compromise the business environment.

"There is nothing more just than recognizing the work of these professionals who, unequivocally, contribute to raising awareness on topics such as illegal trade, informality, piracy, complexity of the tax system, tax evasion and the impact of corruption on the economy", points out the President ETCO executive, Roberto Abdenur. For him, the ability of the press to bring information to the whole of society “has been responsible for expanding knowledge and understanding of the benefits that competitive ethics provide to the economy and the country”.

The ETCO Journalism Award will distribute a total of R $ 60 thousand in gross values, with R $ 10 thousand for the winner of each of the five categories - Newspaper, Magazine, Radiojournalism, Telejournalism and Journalism On Line - and another R $ 10 thousand to the work considered the best among the awarded categories, named winner of the ETCO Grand Prize in Journalism. Special honors will be paid to the editors of the winning entries during the awards ceremony.

Entries for the first edition of the ETCO Journalism Award can be made until August 1, 2013, the maximum date for publication / placement of works. Detailed information about the program, registration form and regulations can be obtained on the website