ETCO Magazine is back


ETCO Magazine arrives with a new look, always following up the defense of the ethical principles of the Institute.

The month of November marked the return of ETCO magazine. The vehicle, which is in its 9th year of existence and with 19 published editions, returns with a modern editorial project, developed by the publisher Letras & Lucros, responsible for the publication.

With reports, notes and articles covering the entire universe of themes that make up the issue of competitive ethics, the magazine brings an extensive cover story on the harmful practice of corruption between the public and private sectors and provides detailed coverage of the Seminar “The impact corruption over development ”, organized by ETCO with the Valor Econômico newspaper.

Subjects of extreme importance for combating tax evasion, such as the results obtained by the BI of the Electronic Invoice and the implementation of the manifestation of the recipient paths of the Electronic Invoice complete the reports, with the latest results of the Underground Economy Index.

In an interview with Janes Rocha, journalist Edney Silvestre talks about his new book “Happiness is easy”, a political novel that he classifies as a tribute to Brazilian democracy.

Three columnists discuss different topics in this issue: Bolívar Lamounier talks about corruption; Marcos Vinicius Neder discusses the harmful effects of the return of dividend taxation in Brazil and Marcílio Marques Moreira reflects on the importance of modernizing the public and private sectors so that they become more competitive.

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