Cold drinks sector generates 77 billion reais in the economy


The cold drinks segment - which comprises the production of juices, waters, soft drinks, beers, teas and isotonics - moves an extensive production chain and has been highlighted by large investments. Responsible for 3% of all national GDP, the contributions of this industry went from 2,2 billion reais in 2009 to 7,4 billion reais in 2013. During this period, cold beverage companies invested 30,8 billion reais.

The amount was allocated to new technologies, research and innovations, expansion and construction of factories, modernization and acquisition of equipment, and also to ensure greater efficiency of the sales front, in the logistics and distribution processes. An IBGE study points out that this market has the greatest multiplier effect on the economy. According to the institute, for each real invested by a beverage company, another 2,5 reais are generated in the economy. Thus, considering the investments of the last five years, the sector's investments generated over 77 billion reais in the Brazilian economy.

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Source: Portal Capital Teresina (PI)