Three questions for Edson Luiz Vismona


The President of the National Forum Against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP) and Instituto Brasil Legal talks about piracy in this interview.

1. What attracts Brazilians to the consumption of pirated products?
The lowest price, which is achieved by tax evasion, lack of quality and non-recognition of rights. The point that must be stressed is that this advantage is illusory, as these illegal products affect the health and safety of consumers and, due to their short durability, end up deteriorating any advantage. The famous expression is worth it: “cheap is expensive”.

2. How do you see the measures to combat piracy at the World Cup?
It is necessary to intensify the coordinated actions of the government, from our borders, ports and airports to points of sale in cities. Certainly, operators of illegality will not miss the opportunity to win with the World Cup. We need to articulate in all areas (educational, economic and repressive).

3. Is Brazil making progress in combating drug piracy? What needs to be done?
There are initiatives aimed at improving the identification and traceability of medicines, but we must speed up these actions and expand the necessary enforcement power. Always reduce the scope of criminal action.