ETCO participates in the XNUMXth World Trade Organization Conference


Buenos Aires, 13/12/2017

Edson Vismona, president of ETCO, participates in the 164th World Trade Organization - WTO Conference, which brings together representatives from 130 countries and is being held in Buenos Aires. In addition to the various issues related to the development of world trade, for the first time there was a panel dealing with illicit trade. Among the cases reported during the event, the highlight is that of Brazil, presented by Edson Vismona, who reported the losses generated by smuggling, counterfeiting and piracy in the order of R $ XNUMX billion (estimated value of losses in the productive sectors - tobacco, clothing , fuels, cosmetics, medicines, among others). The panel also included the participation of Crime Stoppers International demonstrating the actions it has stimulated. At the end of the panel, proposals were discussed and approved, which will be forwarded to WTO management.