The Brazil we want


The Movement for the Defense of the Brazilian Legal Market, which is coordinated by ETCO and FNCP, together with the Joint Parliamentary Front to Combat Smuggling and Counterfeiting, joined forces with the government and civil society to launch, on the 29th of March , the campaign “The Brazil we want”. The objective, in addition to alerting the government and society to the damage caused by smuggling, is to propose a positive agenda to combat this crime, which will result in a country free from illegal trade, where more jobs, income and revenue can be generated for the States. and economic development conditions for the population.

Evolving from discourse to practice

Combating illegality is a priority condition to reach this country that we want. In addition to damaging Brazil economically, activities such as cigarette smuggling, arming and drugs, encourage organized crime.

In this way, a work agenda was defined among the participants, which begins now and will be developed throughout 2017. This pact was filed at a ceremony attended by the Minister of Justice, Osmar Serraglio and provides, in general terms:

  • Technical and operational support for the execution of the National Plan of Frinteiras (focusing on the border between Brazil and Paraguay)
  • Implementation of intelligence actions to combat smuggling
  • Identification of financial resources for investments in human and technological resources
  • Promote legislative discussions on measures to facilitate the implementation of the border plan
  • Creation of joint working groups (parliament, civil society, government and judiciary)
  • Foster debate with neighboring countries
  • Sensitize society about the impacts of illegality, encouraging a change in behavior.

In addition to the signing of the agreement, the campaign had a strong
, an event with the destruction of smuggled products in São Paulo and Foz do Iguaçu, opening of the exhibition Smuggling City, in the lobby of the Chamber of Deputies and extensive press coverage.