Contumaz Tax Debtor returns to the agenda at important events in the month


image-stampCombating the persistent tax debtor is one of ETCO's priority projects. The Institute contributes to this battle by sponsoring studies, holding or supporting events and producing publications to spread the importance of this struggle across the country.

Unlike the eventual debtor, the regular debtor uses the non-payment of taxes as a form of unfair advantage over the competition, passing on this difference in price, gaining market and increasing his profits. Often this debtor makes inspection difficult, refuses to show tax books and uses third parties (oranges), so that partners do not suffer punishment.

To discuss this topic and discuss effective means of combating the debtor, Sindicom, one of ETCO's member companies, promoted on the 3,4rd and 5th of November, a seminar addressed to magistrates, members of the Public Ministry, prosecutors with attributions in the area state employees who work with tax collection.

"The predatory action of this unfair competitive practice, must be contained, restraining the enormous losses for the treasury and for the fair competition", declared Edson Vismona, president of ETCO, during the event.

On 11/11, the newspaper Valor Econômico holds the seminar Unfair Competition and challenges in the fuel sector, which will also address the issue, among other topics.

The event is free and interested parties can register by clicking here.

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