Eight companies evaded R $ 100 million in Mato Grosso do Sul


Source: Tax News

Mato Grosso do Sul joined on Wednesday (9) the National Operation to Combat Tax Evasion - 2011. The operation consists of a national mobilization involving 22 states and the Federal District, Public Prosecutors, Finance Departments and partner agencies and institutions . The operation in the state involves 120 people, who are mobilizing to combat the practice of tax evasion, which has generated a loss of R $ 300 million in recent years in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The prosecutor of the Gaeco (Group for the Repression of Organized Crime), Jiskia Sandri Trentin, reveals that last year there was a tax evasion of R $ 200 million. However, it was not possible to offer the complaint, as it was necessary to make the investigations, which reached the final stage, with the filing of eight actions, totaling R $ 100.706.770,65 in 2011.

According to the prosecutor, the lawsuits are against eight companies in the food, beverage and construction sectors. The companies are located in Campo Grande (2), Itaporã (2), Paranaíba, Bataguassu, Amambai and Ponta Porã. These companies stopped registering the entry or exit of the goods, not passing the values ​​to the public coffers.

The prosecutor confided that unfortunately people end up finding it easy to evade and need to see the criminal action to realize that it is better to pay. She reports that the State Prosecutor's Office feels discouraged, as it is as if he were a collector, when this is not his purpose. Another downside is the fact that during the process the person is forced to pay what is withheld and the punishment ends when this happens. The possibility of other associated crimes is not ruled out in the case of the eight companies, but the investigations have yet to be concluded.

The IRS delegate, Flávio de Barros Cunha, reveals that in August, September and October the IRS entered 500 representations for smuggling crimes, when the merchandise cannot be sold in the country, and misdirected, when the sale is allowed, but taxes are not collected.

Cunha reveals that it is difficult to have an idea of ​​how much merchandise he can circumvent the inspection, but it is estimated that it can be large, given the amount of presentations. The Federal Revenue deposit in Campo Grande has R $ 20 million in goods. These receive legal destination, but refill deposits due to frequent seizures. In addition to Campo Grande, the State has deposits in Mundo Novo, Ponta Porã and Corumbá.

15 tax representations for criminal purposes were also presented by the State Revenue, for a total amount of R $ 15.687.627,48 withheld. As for the amounts withheld from the Federal Revenue Service, an amount of R $ 991.954,00 was determined, relating to 50 tax representations for criminal purposes sent to the Federal Public Ministry.

The campaign started this morning includes educational leafleting and inspection in commercial establishments and tax posts and aims to combat tax evasion that should have been collected from public coffers and reverted to the benefit of society.