Project with new limits for Simples Nacional will have an emergency regime

Photo: Ana Volpe (Agência Senado)
Photo: Ana Volpe (Agência Senado)

The senators approved on Tuesday (15) the vote on an urgent basis for the bill that increases the limits of classification in Simples Nacional. The House Bill (PLC) 125/2015 raises the ceiling of the annual gross revenue of the microenterprise from R $ 360 thousand to R $ 900 thousand and that of the small business from R $ 3,6 million to R $ 14,4 million.

Equally urgent PRS 84/2007, presented by the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE), which sets a global limit for the amount of Union debt, and the PRS 61/2015 that creates in the Senate the Independent Tax Institution (IFI). The institution should improve the mechanisms for the evaluation and social control of fiscal policy.

Special calendar

The proposed constitutional amendment that prohibits the Union from creating expenses for states and municipalities without corresponding transfers will have a special voting schedule. The agility in examining the PEC 128 / 2015 it was also approved this Tuesday.

Presented by Deputy Mendonça Filho (DEM-PE), the proposal has the same purpose as the PEC 84 / 2015, approved in August by the Senate and awaiting analysis by the Chamber of Deputies. Like the text of the deputies, the proposal defended by Senator Ana Amélia (PP-RS) has the objective of meeting an old demand from states and municipalities against the creation of federal programs with execution under the responsibility of these entities of the federation.

Source: Agência Senado (15/12)