São Paulo advances in the fight against illegal trade


The city of São Paulo remains an example in the fight against illegal trade. The first city to join the Cidade Livre de Pirataria Program, between December 2010 and August 2012, the capital of São Paulo accumulated more than 70 million illegal seized products.

According to the latest balance of operations to combat piracy, smuggling and tax evasion, coordinated by the Security Office of the Municipal Secretariat for Urban Security, of the total seized, 50 million products come from commercial establishments and are valued at R $ 2 billion. These apprehensions result from 42 operations integrated with federal, state and municipal bodies.

The remaining 20 million illegal products were seized in joint operations by the Subprefectures, Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM) and Delegated Operation.

During the period, more than 600 foreigners were arrested for being without regular documentation, 150 of them were notified by the Federal Police to leave the country.