A bitter Jabuticaba

Read here the article published today (28/02) on the JOTA Portal, by Milton Seligman, about the Brazilian tax complexity and the need to carry out an urgent reform. The article cites the study by ETCO and EY on Brazilian tax litigation

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Milton Seligman - JOTA Portal

In an article published today (February 28) on the JOTA Portal, Milton Seligman - Professor at Insper, Global Fellow at Woodrow Wilson Center's Brazil Institute and former Minister of Justice - talks about the Brazilian tax complexity, the need to carry out an urgent reform and highlights some of the aspects that make these mechanisms so intricate.

To support some of his theses, the professor cited the study Challenges on Brazilian Tax Litigation, commissioned by ETCO from EY, in addition to highlighting the importance that the entity has in the role of defending business ethics and legality.

Among the main aspects cited by the professor about the study were: the increase in Brazilian tax litigation, which today represents half of the country's GDP, reaching R $ 3,4 trillion, the delay in completing a tax litigation process, which today it takes an average of 18 years and 11 months, and the increased rigor that the Brazilian Federal Revenue has been employing in large taxpayers.

Read the full article at: https://www.jota.info/opiniao-e-analise/colunas/coluna-do-milton-seligman/uma-jabuticaba-amarga-24022020