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Special - October 2018 - “Candidates for the presidency are committed to combating smuggling”
The Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (ETCO) asked the five best placed presidential candidates in the polls about the fight against illegal trade in Brazil and its effects on crime. Check out.
ETCO Magazine Special Newsletter
Special ETCO Magazine - June 2018 - “Paths for Brazil to grow”
In a series of reports, the publication brings contributions from authorities from the three branches of government and important names from civil society to improve the country's business environment. Check out.
ETCO Special Security and Development Newsletter
Special Edition Security and Development - March 2018
In a seminar, the Movement for the Defense of the Legal Market, led by ETCO and FNCP, with the participation of more than 70 entities and associations, launched the Security and Development Manifesto.
ETCO Newsletter Special Taxation and Development
Special Edition Taxation and Development - March 2018
In a debate promoted by Correio Braziliense, with the support of ETCO, experts defended the end of privileges and tax incentives to end legal insecurity for investors.

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