ETCO supports 1st compliance mission promoted by AMCHAM Brasil


In an initiative supported by the ETCO Institute, the American Chamber of Commerce, Amcham Brasil, takes executives to the US in September for its first compliance mission

São Paulo - International Compliance Mission will bring delegation closer to the main players in the area in the USA

From September 10 to 16, Amcham carries out the International Compliance Mission to the United States, aiming to learn about the main initiatives, trends and best practices on this subject in large American companies and institutions in Washington, DC and New York, NY.

With scheduled visits to important players in the segment in the USA, the delegation will have strategic networking, training and benchmark meetings. The mission is aimed at entrepreneurs and executives from different segments who have some relationship or interest in the topic. “We aim to train companies in the process of structuring the compliance area and contribute to the development and maturation of the topic in companies that already have an internal structure organized on that front,” says Daniella Leite, Foreign Trade Manager at Amcham.

In addition to the ETCO Institute, the project has the institutional support of important entities on the subject, such as the ETHOS and ARC Institutes, and the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, DC.

Registration * is open and the number of places is limited. To find out how to participate in the mission, send a message to or call (11) 5180-3808.

* Exclusive discounts for ETCO Institute partners, for more information consult the Amcham team informing the promotional code ETCO2016.