Movement in Defense of the Legal Market

Find out which are the entities, companies and associations that participate in the Movement in Defense of the Legal Market and that were present in Brasilia, on March 03, at the press conference on the National Day to Combat Smuggling:

3M Brazil
ABAD - Brazilian Association of Wholesalers and Distributors of Industrialized Products
ABCF - Brazilian Association to Combat Counterfeiting
ABES - Brazilian Software Association
ABIFUMO - Brazilian Association of the Tobacco Industry;
ABIHPEC- Brazilian Association of the Personal Hygiene, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry
ABIÓPTICA - Brazilian Optical Industry Association
ABIP Brazilian Association of the Bakery Industry
ABIR - Brazilian Association of Sodas and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Industry
ABIT - Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry
ABPI - Brazilian Intellectual Property Association
ABRABE - Brazilian Beverage Association
Abrasel - Association of Bars and Restaurants / DF
ABRESI - Brazilian Association of Gastronomy, Lodging and Tourism
Abril Group
ABRINQ - Brazilian Association of Toy Manufacturers
ABTA- Brazilian Pay-TV Association
ACDF - Commercial Association of the Federal District
ACICG - Campo Grande Commercial and Industrial Association
ANDAV - National Association of Agricultural and Veterinary Input Distributors
ASBRAC - Brazilian Association Against the Crime of Smuggling
BPG - Brand Protection Group
CACB - Confederation of Brazilian Trade and Business Associations
Chamber of Deputies - DEM / PB
Chamber of Deputies - PSB / RS
CNTUR - Brazilian Confederation of Tourism
Dominium Consulting
French Embassy
FBHA - Brazilian Federation of Accommodation and Food
FIEAM - Federation of Industries of the State of Amazonas
FNCP - National Forum to Combat Piracy
Idesf - Institute of Economic and Social Development of Borders
INSTITUTO BRASIL LEGAL - Brazilian Institute for the Defense of Competitiveness;
Instituto ETCO - Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics
Meirelles Institute
Lexmark International do Brasil
MPA - Motion Picture Association - Latin America
Phillip Morris
Federal Police
Sebrae - DF
Sefaz / AL - Secretariat of the Farm of Alagoas
SEHAL - Union of Hosting Companies
Senac - National
Sesc - National
SIDEMVIDEO - Union of Companies for Video Cassette Rental in the State of São Paulo
SINCOFARMA MINAS - Union of Retail Trade in Pharmaceutical Products of the State of Minas Gerais
Sindicel - Union of the Industry of Electrical Conductors, Drawing and Lamination of Non-Ferrous Metals of the State of São Paulo
SINDIOPTICA - Union of Retail Trade of Optical and Photographic Material of the Federal District
Sinditabaco - Interstate Tobacco Industry Union
SindPoa - SHRBS - Porto Alegre Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and Similar Union
Siqueira Castro Advogados / ICI - Intellectual Capital Institute

National Day Against Smuggling

Next Tuesday, March 3, ETCO participates with the FNCP, and 20 other multisectoral entities, in the National Day to Combat Smuggling.

This is an action of the Movement for the Defense of the Brazilian Legal Market, launched in September 2014, which aims, cohesively between entities and associations that suffer from similar problems, to combat practices of this type and contribute to the promotion of economic and social development. of the country.

On the 3rd, the entities will hold a press conference, in which updated data on contraband and the negative impacts that this activity brings to the country will be released. Suggestions to the Executive and Legislative that may contribute to mitigate this serious problem will also be discussed. .


Data: March 3, 2015 - 15 pm, in Brasilia