Mato Grosso improves inspection with BI NF-e tool

Source: TI Inside, 24/05/2012

Mato Grosso adds to the list of States that have adopted the BI NF-e, developed by Microsoft and the Etco Institute, for the inspection of taxpayers who issue the Electronic Invoice (NF-e).

The system allows the integration of the information available in the databases of the Department of Finance, which can make the crossings and produce analytical reports.

“The tool will also allow data manipulation by the various analysis teams, in order to impact the autonomy, agility, productivity and profitability of the tax administration's work, which may result in an increase in the voluntary collection of ICMS”, observes Luciney Martins de Almeida Moreira, coordinator of the Business System Computerization Unit of the Finance Secretariat.

Using the BI NF-e, it is possible to monitor the movement of companies, map economic data of the state's macro-regions, carry out a strategic analysis of the ICMS collection, cross-check various data by segment or company, among other possibilities.

In other words, the fiscal control of the purchase and sale of goods is more efficient.

According to Carlos Fernando Ortega, manager of IT information management support at the Finance Secretariat, the information on invoices (purchase and sale of goods) will be updated periodically in the system for analysis, crossings and data combinations.

The electronic notes issued and received from 2008 (when the NF-e project was implemented) to April 2012, totaling 124.097.411, are already inserted in the system.

Bahia currently has 46.310 ICMS taxpayers who issue the NF-e 46.310 ICMS taxpayers, who account for approximately 63% of the tax collection in the State.

The BI NF-e was developed for the Bahia Department of Finance, which provided the source code for implementation in Mato Grosso.

The system has been active in Bahia since April last year and in São Paulo started to be used in September.