PF seizes cigarettes and smuggled goods

Source: CapitalNews - Campo Grande / MS - 11/10/2010

The Federal Police of Guaíra seized yesterday, two trucks loaded with various electronic products and cigarettes, three people were arrested. According to PF information, the first apprehension occurred around 18 pm, near the region of Marechal Cândido Rondon in the state of Paraná, where the police, in routine diligence, noticed a truck in suspicious attitude deciding to approach it. Initially, the driver stated that he was transporting milk cartons to a company and that they would be delivered in Rio de Janeiro.

In an inspection of the cargo, the police found several boxes of various products, including electronics, netbooks, notebooks, hard drives, cell phones, a large number of watches, all without invoices. The driver confessed that an individual had hired him to deliver the goods in São Paulo, on the Castelo Branco Highway, where another person would receive it, thus receiving the amount of R $ 1.000.

The smuggled merchandise was inserted after the milk cartons were loaded, in another location without the company's knowledge. The driver and passenger, both resident in Marechal Cândido Rondon / PR and indicted for the crime of smuggling / embezzlement, were arrested a Ford Cargo 1317 truck and all goods without legal documentation. The milk cartons were returned to the company and the truck with the illegal goods was transported to the Federal Revenue of Brazil.

In another action, a Mercedes truck was seized loaded with about 350 cases of cigarettes of Paraguayan origin, in the Bela Vista neighborhood, in Guaíra / PR. Around 22:00 pm, the federal and military police officers of the National Force worked on the spot, spotting this truck, approaching it.

In the inspection, under the canvas, they discovered several boxes of smuggled cigarettes. The driver, resident in Itaquiraí / MS, was arrested in the act and taken to the Federal Police Station in Guaíra / PR for the appropriate legal procedures. The cargo and the truck were transported to the IRS for proper destination.

The total amount of seized goods is around R $ 250.000,00.

Operation hits cigarette smuggling

Source: Zero Hora - Porto Alegre / RS - 08/10/2010

Four groups that smuggled cigarettes from Paraguay to Rio Grande do Sul and Uruguayan municipalities had their actions affected yesterday by Operation Seven of Diamonds of the Federal Police of Pelotas. Three suspects were arrested and 85 cigarettes seized. Eleven properties and 28 vehicles of group leaders were blocked by court order.

The gangs had their cells functioning in Pelotas, in the south of the state, separately, although they knew about each other's actions and carried out the same type of crime. According to the delegate of the Federal Police, Alexandre Pauli, the groups smuggled cigarettes from Paraguay and brought them directly to the State through the Brazilian border through Foz do Iguaçu or through the border with Argentina.

In addition to selling in the Metropolitan Region and the south of the state, criminals exported cigarettes to Uruguay through the municipalities of Chuí and Jaguarão.

The investigation, which began in March, has arrested 21 people over the past six months, in addition to the seizure of 315 packs and 18 vehicles. In addition to serving 15 search and seizure warrants in Pelotas, seven were carried out in Sentinela do Sul, Tapes and Guaíba, where gang suppliers worked.