Cyber ​​Crimes CPI votes final opinion on Tuesday

The Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry (CPI) of Cyber ​​Crimes meets on Tuesday to vote on the report by Deputy Esperidião Amin (PP-SC).

The possibility of blocking illegal content and websites continues to divide opinions in the collegiate. Last Wednesday (27), deputy Leo de Brito (PT-AC) presented a suppressive highlight in relation to the bill, included in the report, which allows judges to block applications and websites in the case of illegal conduct. "The countries where sites and applications are blocked are countries that have censored the internet and are countries whose democracies are questioned, such as China, Saudi Arabia and North Korea," said the parliamentarian.

According to Esperidião Amin, since there is no consensus, this point must be decided in the vote.

Fistel money
Another point in the report that can be changed refers to the bill, suggested in the opinion, which authorizes the application of up to 10% of the revenues from the Telecommunications Inspection Fund (Fistel) transferred to the National Treasury to finance the structures of combating cybercrime.

Deputy Deputy Lieutenant Gonzaga (PDT-MG) highlighted the change in the project.

The fund raises approximately R $ 2 billion annually, of which approximately R $ 1,6 billion is transferred annually to the Treasury. According to the text, only these resources can be used to fight cyber crimes.

Gonzaga points out that, according to the text of the project, the destination will be tied to the cybercrime departments of the police. “There are very few bodies of this type in Brazil”, he warns. The parliamentarian wants to allocate resources to activities to combat this type of crime, without being linked to a specific department.

Inspection by Anatel
The final report of the CPI also recommends that the Chamber inspect the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) to monitor the registration of users of prepaid phones by the operators and the control of the providers of the Personal Mobile Service regarding the collection and measurement of the consumption of mobile data packages.

The CPI meets at 15 pm to vote on Amin's opinion. The location has not yet been defined.