With the floor, Joaquim Levy

Minister of Finance closed the X ENAT talking about the progress made in the meeting, tax simplification and resumption of growth


Minister of Finance, Joaquim Levy, at the closing ceremony of the X ENAT
Minister of Finance, Joaquim Levy, at the closing ceremony of the X ENAT

The closure of X ENAT was attended by the Minister of Finance, Joaquim Levy. He thanked the participants, spoke of the importance of collaboration between the tax authorities of the Union, states and municipalities to increase the efficiency of tax collection, highlighted the need for tax simplification and also spoke of his expectations regarding the resumption of economic growth. Check out the main sections.


The work of tax administrators

Joaquim Levy: Tax administrators have an essential, essential and indispensable role for the maintenance of the State, the capacity of the public sector to be providing benefits for the entire population, such as national security, individual security, health, education. This work must always be recognized.

ENAT's achievements

Joaquim Levy: Since 2003, when ENATs started, we have evolved a lot. This is a highly technical meeting, but it has a huge impact on the economy. The advances that were achieved at the meeting show the importance of working together. Of course, the other side [that of the tax evaders] has also shown itself to be increasingly sophisticated. The expectations of circumventing the tax authorities are increasingly sophisticated, which is why we also have to keep advancing and developing new tools.

Tax simplification

Joaquim Levy: We are often penalized in international rankings [for the quality of the business environment] for the perception that it is difficult to pay taxes in Brazil. And sometimes it is, because we are a federation, because there are differences, because the tax burden ends up being high to provide revenues that are quite significant for a country like ours, so that we can pay all the benefits that are legislated. But I think that even guaranteeing the level of revenue that the country needs, there are ways to continue working on simplification. The key word for Brazil now is productivity. The advances achieved within the scope of ENAT will increase our capacity to collect and at the same time facilitate the lives of those who produce, those who are there generating wealth and well-being for the population, who are the taxpayers.

Fiscal adjustment and resumption of growth

Joaquim Levy: We are going through a moment of important adjustment, of a rebalancing of the economy. Despite the turbulence, our economy has already responded positively to some measures that were taken at the beginning of the year. I am absolutely convinced that, once the turbulence is over, the economy will make an important recovery and we will also see the revenue increase. I believe that the potential of our economy is present and the possibility of recovery, even next year, is not negligible.