Revenue launches mega operation to fight smuggling on the border

The Federal Revenue Service (RF) launched a mega-operation to combat smuggling and embezzlement, piracy and other border crimes. Operation Escudo, as it is being called, will have barriers set up at strategic points in Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo. Flying teams, RF helicopters and sniffer dogs should also be used to reinforce the fight against crime.

The objective is to reinforce the inspection on the entire route of products brought illegally, especially from Paraguay, from the entrance to the final destination, concentrated in São Paulo, and thus reduce the circulation of goods, not just seize them.

The action is part of Operation Armored Frontier, launched in 2005, with the participation of the Federal Police, Federal Highway Police and civil and military police from the three states. Only from RF, 600 servers will be mobilized.

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