Federal Highway Police Seizes Illegal Goods

The inspection of irregular goods is one of the ways to combat smuggling, counterfeiting and tax evasion. In its annual balance sheet released on February 9, the Federal Highway Police reported having seized, during 2014, a total of 3.766.127 packages of cigarettes in the States of Paraná, Mato Grosso do Sul, Santa Catarina, Bahia and Rio de January. In 2013, the apprehension had been greater, totaling 6.086.022 packages.

In 2014, federal highway police intercepted 168,7 tons of marijuana (117,6 in 2013), 7,8 tons of cocaine (5,9 in 2013) and 815 kilograms of crack (1,9 tons in 2013). Weapons and ammunition of various calibers were seized preventing the supply of criminals and 24,5 people were arrested.