ETCO: this is how we have to be

In early July, ETCO launched a campaign on Rádio CBN, dedicated to promoting ethics in business and society in general. These are 45 ″ daily newsletters that air in the morning and evening in the Jornal da CBN 1st and 2nd edition and address topics of interest to the Institute, such as combating smuggling, counterfeiting, tax evasion, corruption, in addition to the project Ethics for young people.

Listen to the first pieces of the campaign:

ETCO. That's how we have to be.

ETCO - Brazilian Institute of Ethical Competition, exists to promote ethics in business and society, combating competitive imbalances and illegal activities such as smuggling, piracy, evasion and corruption.


Ethics for young people

Based on a survey carried out among young Brazilians, to measure their perception and understanding of ethics, ETCO developed the project ÉTICA PRA YOVENS, a website to support high school teachers in addressing the theme in the classroom.


Fight against the persistent tax debtor

The stubborn tax debtor harms the State and competition by not intentionally paying its taxes and thus offering more advantageous prices to the consumer. The state loses, the good entrepreneur loses. Society too.


Legal Fuel Movement

The fuel sector is responsible for collecting more than R $ 100 billion a year in taxes. And it can contribute even more if we fight against tax evaders and hard debtors.


Fight against smuggling

Smuggling is a criminal activity that finances drug trafficking, organized crime, pays no taxes and is a threat to people's health and safety.



ETCO Spots

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