Brands fail to earn R $ 1.6 billion with pirated sneakers

Today (13/10), Valor Econômico published an article that addresses the loss of brands that manufacture sports shoes due to piracy. According to data gathered by an unprecedented survey carried out by Ibope at the request of the Association for Industry and Export Trade (Ápice), the brands stopped making revenues of R $ 1,6 billion with pirated products in the last 12 months. In all, 18,9 million pairs of pirated sports shoes were sold, a volume that corresponded to 23% of the total consumed in the country. With this, in addition to the financial loss, the companies stopped employing 145 thousand people, which would be the number needed to manufacture 19 million pairs a year and the federal government, stopped collecting R $ 637 million in taxes. Edson Vismona, president of the National Forum Against Piracy (FNCP) said that sporting goods are among the main categories of pirated products in the country, along with glasses, cigarettes, cable TV, perfumes, music and films. Currently, there are six sports tennis smuggling investigation processes in the country.

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