Abimed launches updated version of code of conduct

Evandro Guimarães, at the launch of Abimed's code of conduct
Evandro Guimarães, at the launch of Abimed's code of conduct

The Ethics Committee of the Brazilian Association of the High-Tech Industry of Health Products (Abimed) presented on March 18 the 4th version of its Code of Conduct, in an event that brought together advanced technology companies in the areas of manufacturing, import , export and distribution of medical and hospital products, in addition to members of several institutions and the deputy attorney general of the Republic, Antonio Fonseca.

ETCO's Executive President, Evandro Guimarães, delivered one of the opening speeches. “ETCO is honored to witness this new edition of the code of conduct and would like to congratulate Abimed for the spirit of corporate integrity, for the commitment and attention dedicated to the issue of the industries' compliance with this audience that, in the end, we are all of us. "

Among the objectives for the reformulation of the code, we highlight the promotion of an alignment with the scenario of changes in the sector's corporate environment, in addition to the improvement of interactions between the health products industry and professionals in the area, essential to ensure the correct use of health products and the development of new techniques and procedures that guarantee the well-being of patients.

“This new edition of the code reflects a work started in 2014, in line with Abimed's strategy of strengthening the ethical environment, a fundamental pillar of any company and institution. The promotion of a healthy competitive environment is essential for companies to invest in the sector, and for patients to have access to the best in their treatments. ” said Fabricio Campolina, Abimed's chairman.

The new version of the code was structured around four pillars: guarantee of continuing medical education; proactive dialogue with the government; support for the governance of third parties and harmonization of local and international practices. The pioneering character of this new code consists in the adherence of other essential aspects to the health products supply chain, such as the recommendations that companies adopt compliance practices in relation to third parties and intermediaries, essential for the commercialization and operation processes pharmaceutical products.

Abimed announced the next actions, including encouraging the use of its whistleblowing channel to expose unethical practices in the sector and holding seminars and workshops on the adoption of strategies to implement the new code of conduct and compliance management for third parties and intermediaries, for example.