Fantástico report on corruption wins ETCO Journalism Grand Prize

In a ceremony attended by authorities, journalists and ETCO Institute partners, the winners were awarded and the editors of the victorious works were honored

The report “A Cara da Corrupção”, shown by Rede Globo's Fantástico program, was the winner of the ETCO Journalism Grand Prize. In a ceremony held on the night of November 7 at the Museu da Casa Brasileira, in São Paulo, the winners in the Online, Newspaper, Magazine, Radiojournalism and Telejournalism categories received their awards. The ETCO Journalism Award is part of the Institute's 10-year celebrations and was created to expand society's knowledge and understanding of the benefits of business practices aligned with competitive ethics.

The report by Eduardo Faustini and André Luiz Azevedo, who had already been the winner of the award's Telejournalism category, revealed details of how fraudulent negotiations are carried out in public agencies and what strategies are used to simulate bids. For two months, Faustini held the position of purchasing manager at a public hospital in Rio de Janeiro, where he received representatives from several companies and listened to his bribe proposals and offers.

Roberta Vaz, editor in chief of Fantástico, received the award on behalf of Azevedo and Faustini, who were unable to attend. Who gave the trophy to Roberta was the Minister of the Superior Court of Justice Eliana Calmon, recognized for her campaign for ethics in the country.

Category winners

The newspaper category was won by Ricardo Mioto, from Folha de S. Paulo, with the series “Fiscal Nightmare”, portraying, in a didactic and light way, the weight of taxes in the final price of products to the consumer. "It was a challenge to make such an arid subject more attractive to the reader," said the journalist.

In the Magazine category, Bruna Martins Fontes and Júlia Pitthan were chosen, for the article “Business with a cause - Choose yours”, published in the magazine PEGN (Small Companies & Large Business). “It is an award in the area where we would like to win. It shows that it is possible to undertake ethically and defending free competition ”, stated Bruna when receiving the award.

In Radiojournalism, the winners were Lucas Scherer and Bruno Feitosa, from Rádio BandNews FM in Brasília, with the work “A Indústria da Pirataria”. "It is an honor to receive an award from an institute as relevant to Brazil as ETCO," said Scherer.

The Online Journalism category was won by Ana Paula Pedrosa and Queila Ariadne, from the portal O Tempo Online, in Minas Gerais, with the work “10 Years Without a Street”. “This award is inspiring and shows that we are on the right path”, celebrated Ana Paula.

The editors of the victorious works were also honored, receiving plaques alluding to the awards, something unprecedented in initiatives of this kind.

The Judging Committee was formed by journalists Beth Cataldo, Carlos Eduardo Lins da Silva, Fernando Portela, José Márcio Mendonça and Nelson Hoineff. To choose the winners, the commissions examined 71 works in the Newspaper category, 10 in the Magazine category, 10 in Radiojournalism, 57 in Telejournalism and 55 in Online Journalism, for a total of 203 entries.

All winners of the five categories received, in addition to the cash prize, a diploma and a trophy specially designed by the artist Anita Kaufmann.

The ceremony also featured a lecture by STJ minister Eliana Calmon on Ethics and Management.

In front of an audience full of journalists, the Executive President of ETCO, Roberto Abdenur, highlighted the importance of the press for the dissemination of values ​​and ethical practices to society, and considered the award as another initiative aimed at reinforcing the Institute's mission. “It is not just a celebration, it is the culmination of a series of events to celebrate the 10 years of ETCO. It is looking to the future and identifying new challenges, new approaches and new themes ”, said Abdenur.

The ETCO Journalism Award is part of ETCO's 10-year celebration, whose celebration also included the launch of Oscar Pilagallo's book “Corruption - Obstacle to Development in Brazil”, in addition to the 10 + 10 Debate Cycle, a retrospective of ethics competition in Brazil, held in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District.

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Know a little more about the winners.

ETCO Journalism Award 2013

The ETCO Journalism Award is part of ETCO's 10-year celebration, whose celebration also included the launch of Oscar Pilagallo's book “Corruption - Obstacle to Development in Brazil”, in addition to the 10 + 10 Debate Cycle, a retrospective of ethics competition in Brazil, held in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District.

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Find out more about the winners of the ETCO Journalism Award 2013.

Category Newspaper

Category Online Journalism

Category Radiojournalism

Category Television News

Category Magazine

ETCO Journalism Award winners announced

Folha de S. Paulo, PEGN Magazine, Rádio BandNews FM Brasília, Rede Globo and Portal O Tempo Online are the winning vehicles. The winner of the main award will be announced at a ceremony scheduled for November 7, in São Paulo

The Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics - ETCO announced on October 9 the winners of the five categories of the ETCO Journalism Award. The authors of the contemplated works will be awarded the amount of R $ 10.

Know the winning articles

ETCO Journalism Award has 203 entries

Awards will take place on November 7, in São Paulo. The objective is to increase knowledge and understanding of the benefits of competitive ethics

The number of entries for the ETCO Journalism Award exceeded forecasts, totaling 203 reports from all regions of Brazil. The award, which is part of the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of ETCO, aims to recognize journalistic works that stimulate society's awareness of topics such as illegal trade and informality, piracy, complexity of the tax system, tax evasion and the impact corruption in the economy.

With the award of these reports, ETCO believes that it will contribute to the expansion of knowledge and understanding of the benefits of competitive ethics for the business environment.

Journalistic works published between January 1, 2012 and August 1, 2013 were entered in newspapers and magazines, and those broadcast on radio stations, television stations and electronic communication vehicles based in Brazil.

In addition to awards in each of the five categories - radio journalism, newspaper, magazine, telejournalism and online journalism - there will also be the ETCO Journalism Grand Prize, the main award category. The prizes will be of R $ 10 thousand for each article awarded.

The judgment will be made in two phases: in the first, a selection committee, composed of communication professionals and ETCO representatives, will indicate the works that fit the objectives of the program, for future referral to the Award Committee. In the second phase, the Award Committee, composed of journalists with recognized professional experience, will choose the winning works in the categories, including the ETCO Journalism Grand Prize. In both phases, the judges will observe, among other attributes of the enrolled material, properties such as originality, level of accuracy and quality of the text.

The finalists will be announced on October 9, and the award will be held in São Paulo on November 7.

To understand the vast world of corruption

By Adauri Antunes

A word present in practically all the demonstrations of the last two months in the main cities of the country, corruption is more repudiated than understood. It is difficult for any citizen fulfilling his duties to accept monthly payments and his substitutes, spending by politicians with money diverted from government programs, to quietly endure complaints about buying and selling favors in the most varied public-private collusions. This, not to mention tax evasion, illegal trade, abusive informalities, examples or developments of various forms of pacts that deeply harm the public interest.

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"Corruption - Obstacle to the Development of Brazil"
Oscar Pilagallo. Publisher: Campus. 1 36 pages, R $ 39,90