Tax Burden Seminar in Brazil

The seminar Correio Braziliense: Tax Burden in Brazil was held on September 20 in Brasilia, a partnership between the newspaper, ETCO and the National Forum Against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP). The event was an opportunity to discuss the need to revise the tax structure as a way to boost the growth of the national economy, and brought together experts and authorities on the subject.

For the Federal Revenue Secretary, Jorge Rachid, it is necessary for the country to adopt a more rational tax model. "It is necessary to balance the rates on some products to minimize the growth of smuggling, tax evasion and other illegal practices," said the secretary.

The Brazilian tax burden, which today corresponds to 32,66% of GDP, has a harmful effect on the economy and is a source of stimulus for the unbridled growth of the illegal market. In the cigarette sector alone, the product most impacted by smuggling, the tax evasion verified in 2015 due to this crime was R $ 4,9 billion.

Edson Vismona, president of the FNCP and who this month also assumed the executive presidency of ETCO, recalled that the increase in cigarette taxes in recent years has contradicted government expectations. "The result of this policy was an 8% reduction in the market for legal products, but a 9% growth in the Paraguayan cigarette market," he said.

Vismona also recalled that the losses are not restricted only to the country's economy, but have negative effects on the health of the population, since these products do not respect the rules imposed on Brazilian companies by health authorities, and also on safety in cities, as this it is an activity dominated by criminal factions.

In 2015, Brazil recorded a loss of R $ 115 billion due to the illegal entry of illegal products into the country, which includes losses from the national industry and taxes that are no longer collected due to smuggling, among others.


Correio Braziliense debates the difficulties caused to the country by the tax burden

The structural and bureaucratic obstacles that hinder the country's economic development will be the subject of the seminar Correio Debate: Tax Burden in Brazil, on the 20th. One of the most important points of the discussion is the cost of Brazil, a set of difficulties that make investment more expensive. unemployment, informal work, tax evasion and foreign exchange evasion. Registration is free. To participate, simply register on the website until the eve of the round table.

The opening lecture will be given by the Secretary of Federal Revenue, Jorge Rachid, at 9 am. Then, Edson Vismona, president of the National Forum against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP), and Efraim Filho, federal deputy and president of the Mixed Parliamentary Front to Combat Smuggling and Counterfeiting, will talk about Taxes: a necessary discussion. Several experts deal with the topic Taxation and legal reflexes.
The tax consultant, former Revenue Secretary, Everardo Maciel, and Roberto Haddad, partner responsible for the Tax Department of Consultoria KPMG, and the executive president of the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics (ETCO), Evandro Guimarães, will talk about Custo Brasil and the Brazilian Tax System. In closing, the lecture will be given by José Augusto Fernandes, director of Policies and Strategy of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

Evandro Guimarães, from ETCO, argues that if there is an increase in taxes, contraband grows, the government, society and industry lose. Thus, it is crucial that this does not happen and that fiscal and structural measures are adopted that allow a fair competitive environment.

“Taxes are required in all countries. We are not going to discuss whether they are good or bad, right or wrong, but it is important to talk about their intensity and usefulness, ”said Paulo César Oliveira, director of marketing and marketing at Correio Braziliense.


Source: Correio Braziliense (14/09)