'My dream, I don't risk' campaign guides young entrepreneurs

In early June, ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) launched the campaign “O MY DREAM, I DON'T RISK”, which is part of the Legal Entrepreneur initiative, created by the entity's Intellectual Property Defense committee. The new campaign aims to guide young Brazilian entrepreneurs on the dimension of the risks they can take when using illegal software in their companies.
Created by the agency Righetti, the advertising campaign will feature two motivating videos of 30 seconds with testimonials from successful entrepreneurial characters, who will tell stories of overcoming without risking their business, pointing as an example of attitudes that encourage efficient management: the issuance of invoices , employee registration and the adoption of legal software. With a multiplatform action, the campaign will run on digital elevator panels, radio, web, newspapers and magazines.
According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey, three out of ten Brazilian adults between 18 and 64 years old own a company or are involved in creating their own business. According to the survey, having a business of its own is the third biggest dream of Brazilians. The first is to have a home of your own and the second is to travel. The survey also placed Brazil at the top of the world ranking of entrepreneurship ahead of nations like China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and France. “Our goal is to guide those who have their own business on issues that may cause doubts in software licensing , such as current legislation and the management of these assets within a company. As part of the campaign, we also redesigned the Empreendedor Legal portal www.empreendedorlegal.org.br, which will be a channel where entrepreneurs can find clarifications and support for their business ”, says Jorge Sukarie, president of ABES.Recently, the entity also launched an interactive manual for managing software assets that can be downloaded from the entity's website:www.abessoftware.com.br/manual.

The new Entrepreneur Legal portal will be a space for businessmen with articles about frequently asked questions among people who start their own business. The Legal Entrepreneur is part of an initiative launched in April 2013, with the aim of alerting companies to the risks of using illegal software and raising awareness of problems such as unfair competition involving any type of illegal advantage used to reduce costs operational or increase margins.

For Jorge Sukarie of ABES, the entity seeks to strengthen the market and encourage new companies to develop in an environment of fair competition in the country. “Our initiative aims to enlighten businessmen and alert them to the dangers to which their companies may be exposed. In addition, we encourage mutual respect between industries by building a market based on healthy competition. In this way, we can bring a positive and sustainable impact to the economy of the entire country ”, comments Sukarie.

The campaign is promoted by ABES, in partnership with Apex-Brasil, ABPI, BSA, CNC, CNCP, ETCO, MBC and Sebrae.


ABES eliminates 11 illegal software download links

Entity also celebrates the first anniversary of the Legal Entrepreneur project, an initiative that encourages the use of licensed programs

ABES, an association of software companies, removed 11.557 illegal download links for computer programs in the first three months of the year. Of that total, 4.037 were removed specifically from auction sites, an increase of 12,6% compared to the number of such links blocked in the first three months of last year.

Recently, ABES monitoring has gained support from the Free Market Intellectual Property Protection Program (PPI). Through the program, the removal of illegal software offers on the site is now done within 24 hours.

Also according to the entity, another 7.509 illegal links were disabled in the first quarter of the year. The amount is 3,1% lower when compared to the number of blockades of the type made in the first quarter of 2013. The entity claims to have taken down 11 websites for downloading illegal programs. Last year, the association removed 15 Internet addresses.

For ten years, ABES has monitored the internet for links to download copyrighted software belonging to its members. Both the website hosting the links and their ISPs are notified to remove the content. If pirated programs remain available, they are then prosecuted, based on current legislation.

Legal Entrepreneur

The ABES initiative “Empreendedor Legal”, which encourages the use of licensed software in the corporate environment, completed a year on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day. In a year of activities, the program held 12 awareness events and information campaigns on the use of legal software in the cities of Salvador (BA), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), São Paulo (SP), Barueri (SP) and Jaraguá do Sul (SC).

In addition to events and campaigns, ABES celebrates 23 thousand accesses to the portal Legal Entrepreneur Channel created especially for the initiative. The site has content about the importance of using legal software and the consequences of using pirated products. Also according to the organization, 34 thousand reports of outbreaks of piracy were brought to justice through the website Anonymous Reporting Against Software Piracy, which has an access link from Legal Entrepreneur Channel.

The ABES initiative is supported by Apex-Brasil; Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI); BSA - The Software Alliance; National Conference on Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC); National Council to Combat Piracy (CNCP); Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics (ETCO); Competitive Brazil Movement (MBC) and the Brazilian Small and Micro Enterprise Support Service (Sebrae).

With information from the press office of ABES

“Legal Entrepreneur” campaign encourages the use of legalized software

Source: Lyderis

ABES defends that by using pirated software, companies harm the market, contribute to the increase of unemployment and still delay the country's economic growth

ABES - Brazilian Association of Software Companies - launched yesterday, March 27, the “Legal Entrepreneur” Campaign with the objective of fighting unfair competition and fostering national competitiveness, exploring the importance of the use of legalized software, among businessmen Brazilians from any segment, and respect for intellectual property.

“SOME MISTAKES ARE IN THE FACE. OTHERS NO ”: this is the message of the campaign that draws a parallel with the game of 7 errors, emphasizing that it is easy to hide some practices of unfair competition, such as software piracy. By using pirated software, the company benefits illegally to the detriment of its competitors, contributes to the increase in unemployment and also hinders the country's economic growth.

The Anonymous Reporting Portal (www.denunciepirataria.org.br) is the highlight of the campaign that opens a new communication channel between companies and associations, encouraging an active behavior of society in combating unfair competition so that an environment of fair competition within the country.

The union between government entities and industry is the great foundation of the campaign that counts on the partnership of ABPI - Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property, APEX - Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments, BSA - The Software Alliance, CNC - Confederação Nacional do Commerce, CNCP - National Council to Combat Piracy, ETCO - Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics and MBC - Competitive Brazil Movement.

“With this campaign, we want to give Brazilian entrepreneurs and executives a greater awareness of the principles and advantages of fair competition, which is increasingly demanded by consumers, society and export markets,” explained Gérson Schmitt, president of ABES.

The campaign is based on the high software piracy rates in Brazil, which still reach 53% of the market, according to research by BSA - The Software Alliance. This activity goes against the economic growth and prosperity of the country, contributing to organized crime and impeding the growth of markets, investments in the development of new technologies, generation of new jobs and hindering the collection of taxes.

Legal entrepreneur: new campaign will be launched at the end of March

The Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) and the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI) formalized a partnership for the Legal Entrepreneur campaign, which will be officially launched by ABES in late March, with support from ETCO.

The formalization of the partnership took place on the last 14th, during a lunch organized by ABPI, in Rio de Janeiro, for its associates and partners. The event was attended by Rodolfo Tamanaha, executive secretary of the National Council for Combating Piracy and Crimes against Intellectual Property (CNPC), and a lecture by Deputy Alessandro Molon, on the Marco Civil da Internet project.

The main objective of the campaign is to encourage the legalized use of technology, be it software or hardware, among Brazilian entrepreneurs in any segment. “ABPI's strong role in promoting the culture of intellectual property will be essential to raise the awareness of the largest possible number of professionals about the importance of legalized IT, so that an environment of fair competition prevails within the country,” said the president of ABES, Gérson Schmitt.

For the president of ABPI, Luiz Henrique do Amaral, “the dissemination of good business ethics is a first-rate item to guarantee the growth and sustainability of companies”. According to him, “in this new scenario of opportunities that is unfolding globally, where Brazil is already emerging as one of the most promising economies, there is only room for those who operate within the good rules of competition and respect for intellectual property rights. ”.