Tax authorities promise more rigor


In November 2015, the Federal Revenue Secretary, Jorge Rachid, and the São Paulo State Finance Secretary, Renato Villela, participated in the seminar O Devedor Contumaz and Ética Concorrencial, held in partnership by ETCO and Valor Econômico newspaper . Both announced the recent adoption of measures against tax defaults.

Jorge Rachid, Federal Revenue Secretary

The Federal Revenue package came into force in September 2015. It hardens the so-called listing of debtors' assets, a legal procedure that allows the tax authorities to closely monitor and inhibit changes in the company's equity that make the payment of the debt unfeasible. "If it is found that the assets are being dilapidated, the IRS justifies the facts and submits the debtor to the National Treasury Attorney's Office for a tax precautionary measure, aimed at blocking assets and ensuring the receipt of the tax credit," said Rachid . The IRS also promises to denounce companies to regulatory bodies that have the power to revoke authorization to exercise the activity.

Renato Villela, SP Finance Secretary

The São Paulo State Finance Department adopted new procedures in August 2015, intensifying inspection through meetings with taxpayers, on-call and more frequent checks. "So far we have managed to recover something around R $ 60 million, also counting what was paid in installments within this program," said Villela during the ETCO and Valor seminar.