Our fight against the stubborn debtor

The persistent tax debtor is a type of unfair entrepreneur who does very badly to competitors who pay their taxes correctly and also to the country


It is easy to understand how it works and the damage it causes. In Brazil, evading tax is a crime. Who sells products without informing the tax authorities can go to jail. But duty imposed is not a crime. With this, the entrepreneur can be charged, sued, judged and ordered to pay what he owes and, if there is no way to pay off the debt, he remains with the outstanding debt, but does not suffer greater punishment.

To make matters worse, our tax collection process takes too long. In a first step, the tax authorities themselves make the so-called administrative collection, through letters, threats of fines and other extrajudicial instruments. When the debt is not paid, as in the case of the regular debtor, the matter is brought to justice, where it can go through several instances until receiving the final judgment. Even after that, there is still a long way to collect, also subject to a series of resources.