Seminar on Taxation and Legal Security

Hamilton Dias de Souza :: Legal Security and Tax Reform

Hamilton Dias de Souza, lawyer and counselor at ETCO, presented a critical view of the tax reform proposal under discussion in the National Congress (PEC 45).

On June 25, 2019, ETCO held in São Paulo the Seminar on Taxation and Legal Security, which brought together leading jurists to discuss solutions to problems in the Brazilian tax system.

ETCO Advisory Council meets to honor the Institute's 15 years

Last Friday, 10/08, the ETCO Advisory Council met in São Paulo, in an exclusive event, which celebrated the Institute's 15th anniversary.

From left to right: Edson Vismona, José Ricardo Roriz Coelho, Everardo Maciel and Antonio Lavareda

The ETCO Advisory Council, chaired by tax attorney Everardo Maciel, inspires the Institute through meetings that address important issues related to the business environment and competitive ethics.

In this event, in addition to the members of the advisory and management councils, formed by big names in the business sector, lawyers, intellectuals and leaders from different sectors, the meeting was attended by special guests who, over the Institute's 15 years, contributed and contribute to the consolidation of competitive ethics.

The event was opened by the Chairman of the Board, Everardo Maciel, who took the opportunity to welcome the new Director of ETCO, Professor Gesner Oliveira.

Council members received political scientist Antonio Lavareda, one of Brazil's leading experts on elections. Lavareda provided the participants with a critical and in-depth analysis of the Brazilian electoral scene, on the eve of a highly contested majority election.

Pérsio Arida, economist


Next, ETCO had the opportunity to listen to economist Pérsio Arida, one of the creators of Plano Real, who in an objective and informal conversation, spoke about medium and long-term projects that, in his understanding, are fundamental for the development of the country and that are part of the program for one of the presidential candidates.




José Ricardo Roriz Coelho, acting president of FIESP and CIESP



During lunch, the councilors were able to follow the presentation by the acting president of FIESP and CIESP, José Ricardo Roriz Coelho, on the challenges of industrial competitiveness in Brazil.



“By celebrating its 15th anniversary, ETCO once again contributed to deepening strategic themes of the greatest relevance for strengthening ethical competition in Brazil”, Edson Vismona, ETCO's chief executive.






Attorney General speaks about ethics during 62nd Encat, promoted by the Secretariat of Finance and with the support of ETCO

The attorney general, Alfredo Gaspar de Mendonça Neto, was one of the speakers at the 62nd edition of the National Meeting of State Tax Coordinators and Administrators (Encat), promoted by the State Secretariat of Finance (Sefaz), this Thursday morning (05), in the auditorium of the Hotel Jatiúca, in Maceió. The head of the State Public Ministry (MPE / AL) was invited to explain Ètica, a topic he defends as essential to fight corruption.

In his speech, Alfredo Gaspar was emphatic regarding the disastrous reality in which Brazil lives, remembering that it is up to each citizen to react to seek a reversal of the sad national reality.

“Brazil needs much less of ethical theory and much more of decency and morality in practice,” says the attorney general.

For the participants, the head of the Attorney General's Office presented common examples of lack of ethics, and of the open corruption followed by Brazilians on a daily basis.

And he referred to ethics saying that “the great dilemma is to want, to be able and to do”, Alfredo Gaspar spoke about principles of contemporary society and concluded the lecture on ethics, passing on the following understanding. “There is a lot of beautiful phrases and effects on ethics, I preferred to detach myself from all of them and say that we need to have our own concepts, that we are Brazilian, and with pride, we can and have the ability to show new generations that men and women women of this nation decided to say that we are not heroes, nor bandits, we are Brazilians who love our country and want to correct the course ”.

The event was attended by the governor of Alagoas, Renan Filho, other state authorities such as the Secretary of Finance, George Santoro, and Planning, Management and Heritage, Fabrício Marques; in addition to the general coordinator of Encat, Eudaldo Almeida de Jesus, of the president of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition, Edson Vismona; the president of the Court of Justice of Alagoas (TJ / AL), judge Otávio Praxedes, among others.

Legal certainty is essential to attract investment

In an interview with Valor Econômico newspaper, ETCO's Executive President, Edson Vismona,
talks about competitive ethics and the importance of ethical principles that promote fair competition

by: Gleise de Castro

vismona-photo-valueFor Edson Luiz Vismona, who assumed in October the executive presidency of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition
(ETCO), investigations into the conduct of companies on various fronts, such as the Lava Jato and Zelotes operations of
Federal Police, lead to a clearance of the market. What is being questioned are old practices, until recently
previously accepted as natural, but affecting the economy, compromise the attraction of investments and competitiveness
the country.
Lawyer specialized in commercial defense and consumer law, Vismona states in this interview with Valor that
believes that consolidated ethical principles increase the country's legal certainty and credibility. In the area of
fuels, points out as perverse the practice of persistent tax evasion, an illegal and predatory way to obtain easy profit,
which affects the sector's competitiveness, generating a tax loss of R $ 2 billion annually.

Source: Valor Econômico, November 16, special edition Competitive ethics

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Contumaz Debtor and Competitive Ethics

Contumaz Debtor and Competitive Ethics

This month, Valor Econômico will hold the seminar The Debtor Contumaz and the Competition Ethics that aims to bring the discussion about the practice of the debtor contumaz in the country, the impacts caused by this figure in the state governments and in the country and what can be done to increase legal certainty and ensure ethical competition across the economy.

Date: November 16, 2015
Time: 8h to 13h30
Location: Hotel Intercontinental
Alameda Santos, 1123 - São Paulo, SP.

One of the projects in which ETCO works is the combating the persistent tax debtor, a type of company that practices unfair competition through the intentional non-payment of taxes. Check out.

Work analyzes ethical challenges in Brazil

On the evening of the 4th, ETCO released the book Competitive Ethics, Reflection, Analysis and Perspectives, at an event in the auditorium of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), in São Paulo. The publication summarizes the ETCO 10 + 10 Debate Cycle, held in 2013 to commemorate its XNUMXth anniversary, and also seeks to build a prognosis of the ethical challenges of the next decade.

When recomposing the analyzes made during the debates, journalist Oscar Pilagallo, author of the work, highlights the movement for Diretas Já, the 1988 Constitution and even more recently, the Access to Information Law and the Anti-Corruption Law, identified as advances in the Brazilian ethical scenario. This last law, in particular, innovates when dealing with the relationship between public and private agents in the perspective of corruption.

The journalist's analysis also highlights that a more ethical business environment in Brazil depends on advancing ethics in society, promoting transparency and fighting corruption. He also cites, among the other factors that would lead to the country's institutional improvement, the importance of efforts to reduce taxation, accelerate the judicial system and completely mitigate impunity. In addition, it describes tax evasion and legal insecurity as ghosts that keep investments away.

Published by the publisher Elsevier, the work has a preface by ETCO's executive president, Evandro Guimarães, and an introduction by Roberto Abdenur, current member of the Advisory Board who, at the time of the ETCO 10 + 10 Debate Cycle, chaired the institute. The work costs R $ 39,90 and can be purchased on the Elsevier website ( and in the main physical and virtual bookstores in Brazil.

Launch of the book Ética Concorrencial, by Oscar Pilagallo

Editora Elsevier, ETCO and FGV Direito SP invite you to launch the book Competitive Ethics: reflection, analysis and perspectives, by Oscar Pilagallo, on November 4, in São Paulo.

The book launch cocktail will take place at the end of the international seminar Tax Reform and the challenges of Latin Americaat 16 pm.

Registration for the seminar is open and places are limited.

Time: from 8h30 to 16h00

Location: FGV Direito SP - Rua Rocha, 233 - Auditorium 2 - basement. - Bela Vista - SP

Information and registration:

Lilian Satomi ( - 011 3093 48 40

Ana Paula Yoshimoto ( - 11 3093 48 32

Check here the seminar schedule